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Meet The Founder

I'm Don (AKA Shahar), the rhythm behind DTrack-Finder

As a Software Engineer by training and a DJ by passion, I began my journey as a music enthusiast, curating my own workout playlists during my early years. My teenage years saw me delving into the world of mixing with my first DJ controller. While serving in the army, my free weekends were spent breathing life into local events and bars with my DJ skills.


My Problem Discovery

While mixing music for parties, I observed a recurring problem - small, private event producers often struggled to afford a DJ. Seeing this gap between the demand for quality music experiences and supply, I felt a strong need to bridge it.

Seeking the Real Differentiator

My quest for a solution started by asking this simple question: "What makes a DJ so much better than a playlist?" After surveying hundreds of DJs, the answer was unanimous - the ability to play the right song at the right time, is the most important thing that DJs bring to the party. A simple party playlist could never replicate this tailored, dynamic experience.

Embracing the Challenge

Upon realizing that deep learning technology could potentially replicate this skill, I faced a challenge - I needed a solid foundation in software engineering to bring this idea to life. Unfazed by this hurdle, I decided to study Software Engineering, committed to the mission of creating a solution that would democratize the DJ-quality music experience.

My Dream Materializes

Today, I bring my vision to life through DTrack-Finder. This platform utilizes advanced technology to replicate the nuanced art of a DJ's music selection. In 2022, I led my team to win second place in Israel's first Music-Hackathon. Today, I am continuously innovating and developing new ways to revolutionize how music is experienced at parties.

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The Brighter Future

Looking ahead, I'm excited to take on the challenge of enhancing even more events by harnessing the power of music. With DTrack-Finder, my goal is to create incredible vibes, uniting diverse crowds through the universal language of music. This journey is just beginning, and I'm thrilled to invite you along as we shape the future of music curation together.

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