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How do we pick the songs?

Choosing the perfect song is the heart of rocking any party. At DTrack-Finder, we understand this art and science, making it our mission to simplify and enhance your music selection process.

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Our Approach

With over 100M available songs, finding the right song for a specific event and crowd and moment is hard!

Our secret? We tap into the wisdom of the crowd! We've discovered that public playlists, crafted by music lovers for specific occasions, are a treasure trove of perfectly curated tracks. It's a goldmine we've harnessed to better serve your needs.


How We Do It

We amalgamate these thoughtfully created playlists from Spotify, forming diverse and occasion-specific collections - from bach parties and weddings to workouts and kids' parties. The result? An assortment of high-quality, crowd-pleasing tracks just a click away.

Occasion Based Playlists .png
Venn Diagram - Event, Vibe, Crowd Englis


Your Benefit

With DTrack-Finder, you're not just getting options - you're getting the best. Our tool funnels down the vast universe of songs, leaving you with a curated selection of crowd-pleasers and mood-setters. All that's left for you to do? Pick and play! You're in control, orchestrating unforgettable experiences with the confidence that every choice is a winning one. Bask in the joy of always having the best at your fingertips!



To keep things open and honest, we've made the sources of our collections accessible to everyone. Curious? Here's the link to our Github. Your vibe, your party, our commitment. Let's rock!

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