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Your DJ

Ensures that every tune hits the mark and no one feels left out! Create a tailor made playlist for your event, crowd, and preferences, in mere minutes. 



Brief us on your event

Answer 6 quick questions about your party's specifics – occasion, venue, crowd age, favorite genres, and the event phase (from warming up to full-on dancing).


Get Tailored Playlists for every phases in your event

In just moments, receive not one, but three expertly crafted playlists, each designed to cultivate and sustain the ideal atmosphere for your event. Bid farewell to concerns about song sequence or nailing the perfect energy level. Our carefully selected and strategically arranged tracks ensure a seamless and energetic flow, keeping your party's vibe perfectly on track. 🎵




Customize on the GO

Got a favorite track? Lock it in. Not quite feeling a song? Simply tap refresh to swap out the unlocked tracks. The best part? Our smart engine ensures that every refreshed track seamlessly blends with your favorites. It's all about giving you the power to fine-tune the vibe, while we handle the magic of flawless flow. With DTrack, every adjustment leads to perfection.


Export with Ease

Once satisfied, seamlessly send your playlist to your favorite streaming service.

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