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The Heartbeat of Every Unforgettable Party

In the pulse of every electrifying party, there's a rhythm, a beat, a vibe. This beat is the soul of the celebration, igniting the dance floor and unifying people in a shared euphoria. Imagine if every party you ever threw was filled with guests reveling in the sheer joy of perfectly timed, flawlessly selected music. Imagine no more.

The DJ View-Point

As a DJ, I've seen this scenario million of times - a small-party producer posts on DJ group that he is looking for a DJ for 100-200$. This price barely covers the DJ's own expenses - equipment, gas, and ensnares are just part of the picture.
The time spent on preparing the music, getting to the party, setting up the equipment, take it down in the end, is all valuable time that DJs invest on each gig. 

The Party Producer View-point

A small party producer with roughly 12 attendees, has a limited budget that is mostly invested in the must haves - the venue and supplies ( food & drinks) a budget for a professional DJ will be over an half of my budget 

As a result

The DJs refused to perform, and the party is left with unsatisfying solution. A clear LOSE-LOSE situation!

This giant segment of parties - Birthdays, Bachelor(ette), graduation and many others just left with insufficient music and vibes for their event!

DDance & DTrack-Finder's goal is to bridge this gap, while translating this lose-lose situation into a WIN-WIN by introducing solutions like DSet - That enables Party Producers to find the best DJ Set for their event, and DJs' sets gets exposure and convert more bookings.

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